Tuesday 15 December 2015

Vegas - Night 2

The return bus journey from Grand Canyon, Arizona back to Las Vegas was a quiet one. I dozed off for most part of the journey. But when the bus passed by the Hoover Dam again on our way back, our bus driver/guide woke us all up to see how beautiful the Hoover Dam looked at night with all the lighting.

We continued the rest of the journey quietly, until we reached LAS VEGAS.
It was our second and final night in Vegas, and we had very little time left.
We quickly changed into our party gear and off we went. This time I chose my footwear wisely.
Flat Bellies were my choice for the night.
Scroll down to see pictures from our second night at the Sin City.


And these are my outfits from the two nights in Las Vegas. This is what I wore inside my huge winter coat as it was really cold on both the nights.
Night 1 in Vegas
Night 2 in Vegas


  1. Vegas always fascinates me! You look fab! Its cool that you could take pics inside the casino. All of the casinos where I have been to (mauritius/ malaysia or even nepal)didn allow photography :(

  2. I am so glad u had a fun trip :)
    Love both the looks...
    So stylish..So Chic 

    From Gym to Club

  3. Vegas at night was a gorgeous sight...your tips about flats helped a lot! ;)

  4. wow, everything is so beautiful
    Keep in touch

  5. Amazing pictures

    Love Vikee

  6. This Vegas Baby! as they say, "all that was in Vegas, stays in Vegas") is a steep roof tolerable place for relaxation and fun



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