Monday 21 October 2013

Go Green.

Today's post is another Nail Art Post.
And the inspiration for this nail art is a Cotton Silk Saree I bought from Kerala.
I love this saree soo much..Why??
>It's cotton..I love natural and organic fabrics.
>It's I love green..!!!
>The price tag: INR 310.00...Can you believe that???
Neither could I..! And hence I had to pounce on this saree.

I had worn this saree to a family get together. People these days are not too surprised to see me in a saree, coz I wear it almost anywhere and everywhere. But they are still very excited to see my nail art, and it just inspires me to do better.
Coming to the pictures,

Me and My Saree..!

The neck-piece that you are seeing here, was sent to me by Shreeja of Pineapple-ish.
Why?? Because I won the Women's Day contest on her blog.  I had been waiting to wear it for a long time, but just didn't feel inspired. And then suddenly when I wore this saree..I thought of this gorgeous piece and decided to wear it. I am loving it too much.

Now coming to the nail art...
My Supplies.

For this nail art I used, a VOV Green polish, Milani Nail Lacquer Gold Glitz 525, Kiss Nail Art Black Sketch Pen and a VOV Top coat.
Lately I am literally in love with this gold polish which my husband got for me from his last business trip to the USA. My first reaction when I saw it was plain disappointment. I hate glitter nail paints as they are too tough to remove and I hate it when they do not spread evenly.
But this one is different. I became a fan with its first application. Not only does it spread well, it's opaque and can be removed with much ease.

Step1: Colour alternate nails Green and Gold.

Using nail art black sketch pen draw horizontal lines on the green nails as shown in pic, and finish with top coat.

Now, moving on to the striped nails..this is again something that my husband got me almost 2 years ago. Nail Art Sketch Pens..they can be used as easily as you use a sketch pen and spreads really well on nail paints. However, once dry make sure you top it up with a top coat to preserve it. These sketch pens have made my life so easy..!
That's it..this is how this nail art came to being.

Now something to end this post on a sweet note...

Homemade Srikhand ..Courtesy MIL.
You Ask Why??
Just because I decided to go overboard with the Green thing..!;)
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P.S. Too many 'Why's' in this post. You think that should have been the title of the post? Do let me know in your comments. :)


  1. Lovely saree... during my travels to kerala, i shopped so many cotton sarees at really cheap prices!! and when i checked the same ones out at nalli in delhi, they were double the rate...made me wish that I had bought some more :)

    nice nailart too!!

  2. Oh green and gold so good that sari too!
    oh yum...Homemade shrikhand is making me droooooool :)

  3. green is my fav color!! love the saree and nail art!! the golden paint looks prettty too!!

  4. Love the nails so much. Will you like to follow each other on GFC, FB and Twitter? Please let me know on my blog!!!Love
    New Post Fashion Talks

  5. I guess i should go for golden shade.... never had the guts... :(

  6. Lovely mani. Shrikand was yummy :)

  7. I love that saree! You must be now so comfortable walking and running errands in a saree na?

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  8. i have cotton sarees too worth Rs 300-400, i bought them from Kol :)
    yummy srikhand :)

  9. Nice one... saree n neckpiece going so well together..n loved the green n gold combination... :)

  10. nice saree

  11. Lovely saree & nailart!!
    Love ur necklace :)

    She Rockin Them Stilettos

  12. Great sence of fashion. Specially in ethnic wear. the kind of color combination you choose for your saree, jewelry and nail paint.

  13. 310 only ? Unbelievable. Love the color, and the nailart is fab too. This green is my fav ..I like the title as it is !

  14. the shrikhand looks delicious! i don't know how to make it at home though i love it...and your nails look fabulous!

  15. Awesome nail art! Loved it even without the addition of the black lines .. its looks lovely both ways :)



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