Wednesday 16 October 2013

My Current State of Mind and Navratri Pics.

Hello everyone.
Navratri is over already..can't believe it!
And Diwali will be here pretty soon...can't wait for it!

But amidst all of this, I am thinking.. Time's flying so fast.
So-Saree is 9 months old now, and in no time it will be a year old. (#proudmama) ;)
It just feels like yesterday, when I published my first post, and today.. it's 9 months already.
Today, I seem to completely understand the feeling new moms go through, wanting to grab every moment of their baby's growing up phase.
And I seem to be experiencing the same feeling today. Though I am happy and proud that my baby So-Saree has been able to sustain the past nine months, it kind of adds up to the pressure since So-Saree will have to perform better and better with each passing year. And when I say perform better, I do not mean sponsors, I do not mean FB likes and Twitter followers. I mean my enthusiasm and passion for So-Saree.
I wish with every passing day my love and interest for So-Saree increases manifold.
I want to experience that same excitement every time my post receives a comment, or feel victorious every time I have a new like on FB.. and that ..even after So-Saree completes 10 years. I know this may sound too childish to some, but it is these moments that made my journey worthwhile. I often hear people around me say that with time one has to grow up, but believe me I just want to be a kid again, an innocent and selfless kid. A kid who knows no numbers, knows no stats, but knows just to laugh and have fun.
And if I can just keep doing that for the rest of  my life, I will consider myself successful.

Coming back to Navratri, here are a few clicks from the Navratri festival which I took over the last week. Hope you like them.

And I always thought Garba is a dance form, but I understand that the Diya/Lantern below is also called Garba. During Navratri, this Garba Deep is decorated and worshipped as a form of Godess Durga.
The Garba

Inside the Garba.

MIL decorating the Garba


  1. I can totally understand your feelings!! my blog is going to be 6 months old soon :D
    hope you had a fab navratri:) I too enjoyed durga puja a lot :)

  2. i didn enjoyed at all :( :'(
    but its good to see my friends enjoyed :)

  3. Aww... hope you have many happy n busy years with your blog..!
    Let's talk about everything

  4. Great going with your blog Aditi! You are doing so well...I love your story telling style:-))
    Thanks for following me and your comments are always full of encouragement!

    1. Thnk u so much kalyani..coming frm means a lot.

  5. Yay!!! You are doing an excellent job. Really like your blog. Keep up the enthu :)

  6. Congrats on completing 9 months. And seeing your enthu over the past few months, I have no doubt you will continue with the same passion for 10 years :)
    Lovely Navratri pics!

  7. wowwwww nice pictures sweety! ;)
    if u have pleasure honey come to see my new post....


  8. Jai Mata Di. And congratulations on completing 9 months!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  9. Congrats Aditi for completing 9 months...take care and keep writing :)

  10. I know, I get that too, a lot of times, blogging is a challenge, and we need to improve, guess thats what makes it exciting, isn't it ? Jai Mata Di !

  11. Hi,
    Consider this as a Small token of love and admiration for your blog. A Liebster Award.
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  12. hi .. i was searching about garbo and i saw ur blog yesterday .... it looks interesting .... so i decided to add in my faviorets and follow ur blog and ofcourse i will read all ur last articles which i missed since 2013 ...
    i want one favour .. can u tell me ... more about garbo .... as in googole ,, nothing much about garbo and i really want to decorate one matki and want mention in my coming navratri pooja decoration ... i m so excited to decorate pooja thali and matki ... my pooja gher .... so please tell me .. can u post one pic of garbo in pooja gher to expalin how it look and how to do pooja with it and second query is .. is it compulsory to lit garbo in whole navratri as akhand jyoti ....

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