Saturday 5 October 2013

Navratri...Celebrations Ahoy!

Hello Everyone..! Nothing gets So-Saree more excited than festivals.
So get set as So-Saree gears up to celebrate one more festival: The Navratri Festival.
Navratri literally means nine nights, and as the name suggests this festival lasts for nine nights and 10 days.
It is primarily to worship Godess Durga and her various(9) avatars or forms.

This nine day fest celebrates 9 forms of Godess Durga, one for each day. Though I have been celebrating Navratri since I was a kid, I came to know about the nine forms of Godess Durga only until a few years ago. And so for the benefit of those who are a little less aware, I am going to introduce you to the nine forms of Maa Durga...all looking their gracious best in a saree of course. ;)

Mata Shailputri

 Mata Brahmacharini

Mata Chandraghanta

Mata Kushmanda

Ma Skanda Mata

Mata Katyayani 

  Mata Kalratri

Mata Maha Gauri

Mata Siddhidatri

Though all the nine forms of Goddess Durga look similar here, thanks to the sarees that have bee draped, they all have different attributes, and look very different.
Now coming to the fun part.
Every year during Navratri, one color is assigned to each day of the Navratri and everyone around will try to incorporate these colors in their daily wardrobe.
It is such a visual treat to see people on the roads, at your workplace and everywhere in matching color outfits, in an attempt to please Goddess Durga.The nine colors for this year are:
Day One:5th October: Grey
Day Two:6th October: Orange
Day Three:7th October: White
Day Four:8th October: Red
Day Five:9th October: Blue
Day Six:10th October:Yellow
Day Seven:11th October: Green
Day Eight:12th October: Peacock Green
Day Nine:13th October: Purple

And since it's Day One of Navratri, I am sharing here a nail art I had done not too long ago, in Grey.
Happy Navratri Everyone.


  1. happy navratri aditi!! love ur nail art!!

  2. love the nails! and i will try to keep the colours in my mind! this is so much fun. even in calcutta we are celebrating durga puja. :)

  3. Happy Navratri Aditi! I had no idea about the colours for each day...but now I know! :)
    You've been awarded!

  4. Good one. I didn't know about the nine forms

  5. OOps, I missed wearing a few colors, nyways still 3 days to follow the color rule !

  6. Nice to learn about the Navratris.... Good show Aditi.

  7. The seventh day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa kalratri, the seventh avatar of Maa Durga. Kaal means time and death and ratri means night. A Kalratri mean the one who is the death of Kaal. Maa kalratri destroy ignorance and brings light into the dark. For More Details Visit: -



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