Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Story Of Gandhi Pants.

Today ...the 2nd of October is the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or simply Gandhiji.You will find a lot of stories about him, his life and his work on Google, but the incident that I am going to narrate today is something you will find only on So-Saree. It is based on a true incident that happened to me and involves the Man of the Day-Gandhiji. So Sit Back and Enjoy.

Not too long ago, in the city of Mumbai..a couple was planning a holiday to celebrate their second wedding anniversary...!
Okay now that's too let me just get straight to the point.

It was decided..Maldives would be our next holiday destination....and since no holiday is complete without a new wardrobe... (Are you listening, Mr. Husband?) I had no option but to go shopping. ;)
Being the lazy person that I am, very predictably I ended up at a store close to my home. I told the salesman a regular one, that I needed clothes that feel and shout beaches, and he started showing me the huge collection at his store.
Whatever, he showed, I just didn't seem to like it..too short, too loud, too adjectives just wouldn't stop.
And then, the salesman gave me a knowing smile ..something had was a moment.. felt like a moment of enlightenment for the salesman. He said ..I know what u need...GANDHI PANTS!
I was flummoxed..! My brain was scanning data at lightening speed.
Gandhi Topi - check,
Nehru Jacket - check.
Modi Kurta - check.
Gandhi Pants???
Still no clue.
Did Gandhiji really wear pants?? Of course he did... but he was famous with the dhoti on. Gosh..!
All those years of reading fashion magazines, following fashion blogs, seemed like a waste..!
Did it really happen?? The local salesman knew more than I did..!
Finally I gave up and asked the salesman what Gandhi pants were.
And he was like..don't you know?..They are very ''in'' these days, and everyone wears them..!
Inside I was angry at my ignorance, and tired of his bragging. Damn it ..just show it to me..and kill the suspense.
But being The Miss Congeniality that I am ..I asked him humbly (or so sounding) May I have a look?
After a couple of secs, out came the Gandhi Pants..!
This? Really? What the #$%&...!

Maintaining a calm composure I said: These are Harem pants..I didn't know these were called Gandhi pants..!
He said..Arre Madam that's what it is... Hey Ram pants..! HEY RAM???
Now trying to show off his General Knowledge..he said don't you know the final words of Gandhiji?? HEY RAM!
Thats why HEY RAM pants are also called Gandhi pants..!
What a revelation! Mystery solved finally.
HEY RAM..!(face palm)
My blogger mind was screaming at this man's stupidity, and wanted him to realise his mistake. But I let better sense prevail and simply smiled at the salesman and let the moment pass.
So finally what did I buy?? No Gandhi Pants(wink) for sure...I feel they make my pear shaped frame look bigger..!
Just a few casual tshirts, beach shorts, dresses and flip flops, always work for me in the waters.

A few clicks from my Holiday in Maldives. Enjoy.


  1. Looks like a delightful holiday :)

  2. Omg!!! They have colther based on national leaders..
    Keep in touch,

  3. Ha ha ha!! I loved this post:-) I can understand your frustration though, funny as the story sounds now!! The pictures are divine and do SCREAM "beach"..good one Aditi..I'll keep this story for my girlfriend catch up dates ..they will love it too:-)))

  4. Good one. Hey Ram pants !! :) Lovely pics dear :)

  5. as far as i know gandhi pants are called so because they resemble gandhi's dhoti..some designer did them i think and called them that instead of harem pants, i think but, not so sure...lovely photos aditi :)
    The One About How To Choose The Right Underwear

    1. WOW ..Debi thats an interesting take..will try to research on it.

  6. fascinating story aditi!! i love maldives!!

  7. Love the simplicity of words...Ghandhiji will always resemble patience and non-violence, so will is pants..Amazing clicks and so much love in them.
    Enjoy your days.

  8. Hey Ram lol.. Neways love those rings...

  9. Haha.. what a story.. Loved the simple words.. the first pic looks like some magazine cover.. :)

  10. Hey ram !! I can't stop laughing ! BTW did anyone tell u that u have the prettiest hands n feet ?

    1. Aww..Surbhi..u r so one told me that b4. thnks so much.

  11. LOL! For real - hey-ram pants!! Funny story!! HAppy Anniversary BTW!:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  12. I dint know U love your feet so much :)

  13. Hahaha .. loved the story about the Gandhi pants! BTW, lovely pics and you do have lovely hands :)

  14. hhaha... that's a funny incident :)
    btw where did u go for ur anniversary ??

    1. Thnk u..last yr it was maldives..this yr..was busy, we have postponed our celebrations. But will soon start planning.



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