Wednesday 9 October 2013

Navratri Celebrations at Work.

Navratri celebrations are still going on in full swing, and I am in no mood to complicate things for you. So today I am just going to share a few pics of the Navratri Celebrations at my previous-workplace. There was a desk decoration competition and the theme was obviously Navratri. It was so much fun. Enjoy
Hallway To Our Department
Flower Rangoli

A closer look at the Table Decoration.
My Team's Desk

Closer look 1
Closer look 2
 Closer look 3
 Desk Decoration by other Teams.


And Finally My Happy Feet!


  1. wow. love the creativity. We have bay decoration competition too :)

  2. Nice.. Hey would like to follow each other here ?

  3. your workplace looks fabulous!!

  4. Oh! I would miss the entire festive season... not in India... :(
    Let's talk about everything

  5. Great show... Why there is no celebration in Media1

  6. beautiful rangoli. Can we follow each other? Let me know
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    Fashion Talks

  7. Wow! Navratri sure is celebrated well in your office. In my office, no one cares :(

  8. Incredible, navratri season has begun people great enjoying with ‘Navratri’ decorate their houses, offices with flowers and rangoli.
    Navratri Celebrations 2014

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