Monday 20 January 2014

So-Saree Readers Speak_Part 1

Hello everyone..! It's Day 5 of the So-Saree Blogathon, and I can't believe I am still blogging.
WOW..that feels great.
But what feels even better is when So-Saree Readers leave encouraging and sweet comments on the blog or on our on FB page.
Believe me one of the biggest factor that keeps me going with So-Saree is the comments I receive either by fellow bloggers or by readers in general.
And so I thought, why not give these angels a spot on So-Saree.
So I connected with few of my readers and asked them to share a picture of themselves IN A SAREE OF COURSE and say a few words about So-Saree.
Well.. I didnt tell them to say good things, but ultimately they did.
So, its a Win-Win Situation I say. ;)

So let me just not blabber any more and let the readers enjoy some spotlight.
Bring it on Girls..!
Jaya Ramesh, Sr. Brand Manager, Tata Group
" So Saree!! Heartiest Congratulations on completing a year of blogging Let me tell you, I am not really a blog follower (unless except if its by Robin Sharma or maybe some interesting travel blog) coz most bloggers tend to preach about things they hardly have any authority to speak about
So then what is about So Saree! that got me hooked on to it. Well, firstly the name, coz it clearly suggested this blog is about fashion/lifestyle and that’s definitely an area of interest for me. Secondly was wondering if this blog is going to be only about sarees??? And I am not a big saree fan, so was curious to find out what do we have in store here.
And VOILA!! the blogger took me completely by surprise by writing about things right from fashion, accessories, food, travel, social life, personalities and the likes. The tone was conversational, not even a tad bit preachy. Almost like a slice of life from the bloggers everyday journey. The blogs are refreshing, enriching and completely authentic, pretty much like the gorgeous blogger Aditi.
So yes, that’s the reason why I have become an ardent follower of So Saree!! Look forward to many more interesting blogs and conversations in the year ahead. All the very best to you Aditi! Keep us craving for more and a feather in your cap, your blogs have got me hooked on to sarees too
So Saree!! Keep rocking.

Aawww..thanks are too sweet. I am glad you have taken a liking for Sarees. I feel so happy about it.

Thank you for reading and keep in touch coz So-Saree is blogging non-stop for a whole month. 


  1. Those are some really nice comments made by Jaya. Congo Aditi :)

  2. great post dear!! i totally agree with jaya's words for your blog :)

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