Saturday 25 January 2014

A Little About Me..!

It's been long since I wrote about myself, and a little bit of self admiration wouldn't hurt anyone. And you have to excuse me, coz I am blogging every day, so sometimes, even I can run out of topics.
In this post which I did almost 10 months ago, I had mentioned little unknown facts about myself.
So I thought why not add to this list and get over with today's post. ;)
So where was I...?

1) Though I have a degree in Advanced Accountancy and Finance, I run a tiny IT (Information Technology) firm in Mumbai with my husband. The one thing that got me attracted to this venture was, that I would head the Content Writing Team. So I quit my job and joined him. Smart proposition Husband.;)

2) I am a Maharashtrian married to a Kutchi.

3) I prefer to splurge on vacations rather than buying expensive jewellery.

4) My US visa was finally approved a month ago, after being rejected twice. More on the visa story later.

5) One dance form that I want to master before I die, is Belly Dancing. (sheepish grin)

6) I worship Oprah Winfrey.

7) I weighed 80 kgs when I was in first year of college, and was 60 kgs at the end of my third year of college. I have till date maintained that weight. Don't know if I should be happy about that, coz I m still 5 kgs over my ideal weight.

8) Though I love to follow brands, I hardly buy branded stuff. Last anniversary when my husband said he wanted to buy me a Satya Paul Saree, I refused saying I could buy 2 Kanjeevaram sarees from Nallis in that price. Stingy..I know..!;)

9) My first crush was Salman Khan after I saw Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun. The latest one:_Hugh Jackman.:)

10) is my favorite blog till date, while Elm Street Life comes a close second.

Hope you enjoyed reading this list. I did for sure...!;)

Thank you for reading and keep in touch coz So-Saree is blogging non-stop for a whole month.


  1. Interesting "About me" section.... pic perfect !!

  2. short & sweet lik u only.......

  3. You are a lil sis I wish I had :) Love you always !!

  4. according to me, this is ur best post till date :)

  5. Hey Aditi!
    It is so good to know about u more... Lovely post.... <3
    Let's talk about everything

  6. I 'like' and think alike too! especially point no. 3 and 8 (about following brands but being hesitant to splurge)!!

  7. Nice to know you Aditi. Spill the beans on how you maintain your weight?

  8. Good to know about you!

  9. Loved reading the stuff and see knowing you more. cheers!



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