Wednesday 22 January 2014

So-Saree Guest Post_The Zing Of My Life

Thank you Aditi for giving me this opportunity to do a guest post on your blog! And congrats on your first blogiversary! It's an awesome feeling and kudos for doing the one-month blogathon..more power to you girl! I am so happy to be doing a guest blog post on Saree, I can't tell you :)

For long as I remember, I have been in love with donning a saree. I still vividly remember being a four year old, draped in mom's saree and flaunting it around.  As I grew older, my love for saree grew stronger. I would look forward for every small occasion to wear it. I had matching blouses stitched for mom's kanjeevarams, and heavy border sarees. I got a hang of draping the saree from quite early one. I can drape a saree in less than 10 minutes, and chiffons and silk sarees are the easier ones to drape than the heavy kanjeevarams or brocade sarees. 

Coming back to recent times, I don't get to dress up in saree as much as I would. Living in the US, there are really one or two times in the year when you can dress up in your Indian fineries. Its usually during Diwali or Dassera or a Marathi Mandal celebration. I miss wedding seasons in India, so dearly I tell you! 
Anyhow, my taste in sarees has moved past the heavy Kanjeevarams to more subtle and soft and elegant chiffon's. The pretty pink saree I am wearing in the post today is one of my recent loves. I actually got it cut and done up at a cloth store in Vile Parle (a suburb in Mumbai). When I first laid my eyes on it, I must admit, I wasn't it's biggest fan but my mum-in-law egged me on to try it. The sales guy helped me drape it and voila..gorgeous did it look! The neonish hue looked in-vogue and the material felt light-n-easy on me. Finding and stitching the right fit blouse is always a challenge when you visit India for less time. Well, good for me ready-made blouses were so in-trend in India and I gave in. The fit is great for a ready-made blouse and there are so many options available that stitching a blouse looks like a passe. I wore this saree for Laxmi-Pooja last year with the perfect traditional accessory there can be - a Maharashtrian Nath!

Well, here's to many more occasions to don the most graceful attire in our Indian wardrobes...Saree!
Thank you so much Ashy. Believe me, out of all your outfit posts, this one is THE BEST one till date. And this is not only because you are donning a saree. I love how you have given this otherwise modern day saree a traditional look with the addition of a Nath. You look like a dream, and your husband is one lucky guy. :)

Visit Ashy's blog: The Zing Of My Life, to get your regular dose of her Zingy Life and lots of fashion inspiration. Her FB page is equally inspiring.

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  1. Gorgeous look ashy.. I am totally enjoying this series aditi..

  2. love the chiffon saree :)

  3. Oh my god ! Ashwini, you are a vision !

    Absolutely breathtaking ..everything !

    Cactus and Cucumber

  4. Ashy looks so beautiful I saree.. I think saree is the best thing every that suits us Indian women the most, only if someone pins it with a lot of safety pins
    Keep in touch

  5. wow you look great in saree. Loved all the accessories especially the maharastrian nath :)

  6. stunning :O

    xx Jeeshan

  7. Gorgeous, love the beautiful color!!!



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