Wednesday 29 January 2014

Spit it Out!

I do use this phrase a lot... Lot more than you would expect.
Anxiety does that to me. Sometimes..or maybe all the times.
As much as I use this phrase, I hate the literal translation of it. Especially if you are at public places.
Come on people. Why and what makes you spit in public places? While walking, while sprinting, while chatting or just that spitting. You don't care where you are, with whom you are just don't seem to care.
Didn't they teach you in school...Spitting spreads diseases.
And still...?

Its atrocious. I seriously don't understand such people.
Whenever I see such people, I I wish, I had a super power. A power by which I could make the spit bounce back on the face of those letting it out. Cool na? (wicked smile)
That would be a really nice sight.

I had come across an article on the London News, and thought of sharing a few snippets with you along with my Vishesh Tipni aka Special commentary.

London News: "Spitting, like smoking, is essentially a social habit which can affect the health of others. People spit for many reasons, not just because they need to, but because it makes a statement.
So-Saree Speaks: Statement??? Seriously?? Who are you kidding??

London News: "In some social groups spitting is regarded as a mark of 'cool'. Young boys spit to emulate football and athletic stars who spit after intense aerobic exercise when it is difficult to swallow.
So-Saree Speaks: Cool??? I would much rather lock myself in a refrigerator.

London News: "But in countries like India and China, which have high rates of TB, spitting is not a social statement - it's simply the accepted way of clearing the throat and getting rid of excess saliva.
So-Saree Speaks: Eeeeuuw...!

London News:Both countries have initiated major anti-spitting drives and hope public education or onthespot fines will deter culprits."
So-Saree Speaks: Thumbs Up for that..!

And now for those who don't care to read what we write here. Enjoy the pics. ;)

I again used VOV nail polishes for this nail art. Blue and yellow looks really good together. don't you think so?:) I used a toothpick to make those yellow stripes. {Yup..still no nail art tools. :)}
Hope you like it.

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P.S. This is a pre-scheduled post coz I had to travel to California for work. My next post will also be a pre-scheduled one, and I wont be accessing any social media forums for a few days. But I want you guys to keep coming back to So-Saree, coz I am trying my level best to keep this blogathon going, and I need your support. For the later part the blogathon will continue.. but from a different country, and the spirit shall remain unchanged.


  1. okay the nails look gorgeous..but people who spit and clear their throat in public without concern for others' discomfort repulse me. i think i might even dump a guy if he does that.

  2. Spitting and cleaning throat in public , ewwww...
    Lovely nail art
    Keep in touch

  3. Enjoy your California trip, you are gonna love the place, its just beautiful :)

  4. U know this reminds me of tweet which I sent out a few days back, whereby I could virtually spit on someones face coz they sent out a moronic comment !! I wouldn't mind spitting in this case ! I simply stare bad at those who spit in front of me on the roads . I think we should all start doing that. The glare should be good enough I feel :)

  5. Its high time people stop spitting in public..eewwww.

    Pretty nail art. loved the color combo



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