Sunday 2 February 2014

So-Saree Anniversary Guest Post_Travel With Me

Next in line for guest post is my buddy Shivali of Travel With Me. Shivali and I studied in the same college and knew each other since then, but our friendship blossomed years later after we met each other in the blog world. When I decided I wanted Shivali to do a guest post for So-Saree, I didn't have to ask her..I just Ordered her..and she obeyed without a word. :)
Thank  you so much Shivali. You know how much I love you.

May your blog flourish so much that one day I will be wishing you on its millennial...

I have known Aditi even before her blog came into being.... She was the one who motivated me to come up with blog posts as frequently as possible. Like her love for sarees, her love for nail art and blogging is also unfathomable. Her zeal and enthusiasm towards Art and Fashion are infectious... 
Girl.. you are doing an AWESOME job. I really appreciate and admire your commitment towards your blog despite having such a hectic schedule. 
I guess Aditi sets an perfect example for the proverb: When the going gets tough the tough get going. 
Today I really feel honored to write a guest post for her blog...
Like Aditi has a soft corner for Sarees, mine is for DIY Projects... So today for Aditi I have got a special one.

I love denims... Can't explain the heights of my love for them.... Anyways..I had these old pair and I just wasn't ready to give them away... So I thought of giving them a new look.. a new life...
Recently I came across this 'Gujju Clutch' on the blog Urban Mantra and got inspired...

This is how I painted my denims...

1) Wash the fabric/garment well.
2) Iron it properly.
3) Trace your design with the help of tailors carbon-paper. I drew the illustration with the help of water color pencils (always opt for a light shade).
4) I have used FEVICRYL HOBBY IDEAS' Fabric paints. These do not require medium and are very easy to use and are available in different range of color kits.
5) Let it dry for 24 hrs.
6) Iron well on the wrong side of the fabric/garment. 
TAdDaaA.... ready for use... 

Additional changes:
a) I have altered the length.
b) Added a Chevron Lace at the hem.
c) Some sequin work on the text...

I loved them so much ..that I coudn't stop myself.
And then OYE HOYE was Born.

 I Love pairing these lovelies with waist-length tees or racer back tops... 
Whether I am at home or in the college or hanging out with friends, BAI GA and OYE HOYE just lift everyones' spirits...

Now isn't that Genius? Well that's just a fraction of what my Friend Shivali is capable of.
Shivali, beware Girl..coz I might soon send you all my old best luck with them. ;)

Thank you for reading and keep in touch coz So-Saree is blogging non-stop for a whole month.


  1. Shivaji you are super talented, you Mae such amazing guju and punjabi cartoons on your denim
    Keep in touch

  2. wow this is such a cool idea. Indeed Shivali you are so talented

  3. this is super awesome
    i remembered something
    "itne paise mai itna he milega" :D :D

  4. Thank you girls for the lovely comments and Thank you Aditi for the letting me do a post for you...

  5. Shivali, your DIYs always floor me! You have such a wonderful talent! Loved this one too :)

  6. This is super cute and looks doable! Thanx for sharing Shivali!



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