Monday 10 February 2014

So-Saree Readers Speak_Payal

Today's So-Saree Reader is my dearest childhood friend Payal. We went to the same playschool and high school too. Our mom's were friends too, and we had so much fun together.
But then bad things happened...
We grew up..! And got busy with our lives.
But then good things happened sometime later..
i.e. So-Saree happened..!;)
And I am glad all my friends are reading it and and enjoying it as much. So, to ease some burden off me from the month long blogathon, I asked my dear friend to do a guest post, and she did so well. I am so happy to have asked her. Go ahead and read what Payal has to say.

"A new, exciting post almost every alternate day! Isn't that a good enough reason to be an avid follower of So-Saree? First of all, let me start by congratulating Aditi and her blog on it's successful run of 1 year. I must admit I have an attention deficit disorder so it's kind of an uphill task for me to be following someone on a regular basis. But Aditi's blog got me hooked and how! It all started with the name. So-Saree sounded intriguing and so I had to see what it was all about.. Also, the fact that it was my childhood friend's blog made it all the more special. So, I decided to check it out at least for courtesy sake if nothing else. And thank god, I did! I think initially, it all started with some posts on sarees and then moved on to nail-art, personal heartfelt stories, experiences, new finds, celebrity news and hell lot of other interesting posts. (BTW I love, love your experiments with nail-art and every single time, if any nail-art online catches my fancy, it always reminds me of you.) 
I must admit that I was never really a huge saree person. Wore it only for the occasional weddings in the family or on some special days at work. But then last year, marriage happened and my life took a sudden turn! Now here I was, on my wedding day, going through the whole shaadi drill with 5 saree changes (and a lehenga to add to that) in a single day! It didn't seem too much of a hassle though because I had my personal stylist and my friends to help me deal with the ordeal. But this was only half the fun. More majja happened post marriage when I had to drape a saree for every other occasion right from a pooja to a visit to the temple or a relative's place or some festival. No one really forced me into it but looking at my wedding pictures and seeing how pretty and elegant (self-praise alert!) I looked in a saree, I made it a point to wear a saree at least for the special times. It made my husband also very happy *wink wink* I think it's got something to do with Indian men and their psyche. They absolutely love seeing their wives (I am hoping only their wives!) wrapped sexily in a saree. I never had a problem draping a saree back in India because I always had my mom or my sister or my sasuma or some aunty coming to my rescue always! 

The real fun began when I moved to California with my husband. With my whole life packed in two bags, here I was, in a completely different world, setting up a new house, settling in myself, making new friends and trying to make our house a home. Come November 2013 and it was time for our first Diwali and our first big pooja together. Diwali as a festival has a lot of prominence in Hindu households and especially if you are a newly wed couple. My sasuma sent us faraal, diwali decoration, lantern, rangoli and lots of love and blessings all the way from India. Now we had to live up to that and make it the best diwali of all times for both of us. And so for the pooja, I decided that I had to wear a saree! Yes, an actual 6 yards long piece of garment with no mom or aunty to help! After my marriage date was fixed, my mom(and my brother as well!) had shown me step-by-step how to wear a saree.*Yes, I have a crazy family and I love them to the hilt.* They had made me practice it as well a couple of times but I never really got the hang of it. It still brings a smile on my face when I think of Diwali day and how I googled various youtube videos and after several false tries, somehow managed to drape a saree (It did hold it's own I must add) without any help! Correction. My dearest husband did help me with the whole 'process' making it all the more enjoyable and fun.
I have definitely made some progress since then and was recently pleased as punch when I managed to drape a saree in my first attempt itself for Makar Sankranti. I won't say it came out perfect but then there's always a next time. I ain't stopping now :) Here's to lots more saree madness and hotness in the times to come! 

P.S. This being my first blog ever, I was wondering whether I will be able to do justice to you and your page. I was hoping that I would be able to scribble down a few lines and now here it is, almost two sides full! Whatever and however be it, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and it was definitely an experience to cherish. Now, at least,  I have a hint of what it takes to be a successful blogger. Wishing you lots more happiness and success in the days to come. You go girl! Love and luck always - Payal

In this post I am sharing a few of my favorite clicks in a saree. Hope you guys like it."

My Wedding day, the day when I felt like the queen of the world!

Told ya! I have a crazy family. That's my brother giving final touches to my haldi look :)

Our Diwali Pooja. The first time I ever draped a saree without any help. (Husband's notwithstanding!)

That's me on Makar Sankranti. Here's to my slow and steady progress!

Majha Navra. My partner-in-crime, my support system, my heartbeat, my everything!

Keep visiting So-Saree, because we are on the last week of So-Saree's month long Blogathon. :)


  1. Payal you look gorgeous in saree. Nice post. Loved all the pics in saree

  2. I have a huge saree crush on the red one. She looks gorgeous. Pretty smile too :)

  3. PayPal looks FANTASTIC .. Just amazing .. I loved her in wedding day pics and last one too
    Have a great week

  4. Lovely write-up... i enjoyed reading till last.. & yes..the last saree is awesome..with lovely smile!

  5. lovely write up and i think it mirrors a lot of experiences us young women go through with the sari post marriage :)

    lovely pics of payal in saree, especially the wedding saree :)

  6. Thank you so much guys for all the love! Appreciated :) Lots of love and success to everyone.

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  8. Congrats to Payal, she looks Awesome in designer sarees. Aditi i cnt belive that this is your 1st blog. Images are also excellent, any way congrats to you too.

  9. Wow payal,You look so adorable and gorgeous..All the sarees are very nice..lovely pics..

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