Friday 14 February 2014

So-Saree Guest Post_DocDivaTraveller

WOW..the final week of So-Saree is being really easy on me mainly because I have guest posts and readers posts lined up for the remaining days. :)
I am so glad I decided to do this blogathon, because this last month I have connected with so many of my readers in a way I could have only imagined. The response has been overwhelming and humbling as well.
Today's guest blogger on So-Saree is Dr. Mandira Adhikari Dubey of DocDiva Traveller.
Mandira..what should I say about her. She is a doctor, married to a doctor, a Yoga expert, an avid traveler and a fabulous fashionista. She personifies the Idiom, "Jack of All Trades, Master of More than One"
She is a Diva in the True Sense. I am impressed by her zest for life and penchant for traveling. This girl just doesn't know to stop.
But more than anything else she is a dear friend, again who I found in the blog world. Thanks Mandira, you are the sweetest person I know.

Hi everyone!! This is Mandira from DocDivaTraveller!!

First of all a very happy anniversary to you Aditi!! Thank you so much for inviting me to do this post.

I came across So-Saree through a comment on another blog and have been your ardent follower ever since!! I don’t have many blogger friends so Aditi you are very dear to me.  Though I have not met you ( which I would love to whenever you come to Delhi or me in Mumbai), I feel that I know you quite well!! Thanks for sharing anecdotes of your life with us!!

What I love most about your blog is not just sarees but many other things!! I am a big fan of your nail art and I think you are a pro at it!! Also I love the reference of your MIL whenever it comes to food. Lastly, green is my favourite color too!! :D
I have always loved sarees and I would consider my mother to be an ideal ‘saree horse’ !! Being a Bengali, she has an enormous collection of sarees which I dream of inheriting. So here are a few of my saree pics in which the sarees I am wearing have been gifted by my Mother in law!!

Me with my mommy darling during Durga puja. I am wearing an embroidered one while mom’s is a typical Bengali handloom ‘ Taant ‘ saree.

One of my fav saree in green and red..this one is pure silk

This one is embossed with ‘kundan’ stones

Traditional wife performing her Teej rituals… A Bengali Taant saree
Last but not the least…my mother’s banarasi saree…one of my favourites!!

Keep visiting So-Saree, because we are on the last week of So-Saree's month long Blogathon. :)


  1. Nice post Mandira. Love the different collection of sarees you have. You look great

  2. you are such a sweetheart Aditi!! so glad to have found you :)

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  5. Found you through docdiva's blog. You look gorgeous in sarees!

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