Tuesday, 11 February 2014

So-Saree Guest Post_The Doc N Diva

Yay !!!!!!! People we are soon nearing the end of the month long blogathon, and I really can't believe I actually did it so long. A big pat on the shoulder for that.
Well..todays guest post is by a blogger who I have been following right from the days I actually started following blogs. Bloggers like her inspired me a lot and I took to blogging myself.
Oeendree Mukherjee of The Doc N Diva is a Lady personifying Elegance to the very 'T'.
Her Blog covers varied topics ranging from her personal style, nail art, make-up, lifestyle and parenting tips as well.
So beautiful and so talented, yet so humble, Oeendree is one of the finest friends I have from the blogging world. She has encouraged and nurtured So-Saree with her compliments and comments right from our very first blog post.
Even when I asked her to do a guest post for So-Saree's Blogathon, she didn't take a second to say Yes.
Thank you Oeendree..In you I have a friend I am going to cherish for life.

Knowing Aditi has been a pleasure to me!  I still remember the day when she started her blog, “So-Saree”! Cant believe, its already a year since!
So-Saree is one of the most versatile blogs I follow! You will find a post on Masaba Gupta as well as on Makar Sankranti here.  Therefore, writing a guest post on its birthday is really exciting to me! Thank you Aditi, for your request to do a post “wearing a saree”! Here I go.

This is my birthday-gift to So-Saree!

Did I mention before, I love to wear Saree.
What I also love is doing nail-art matching my saree design! Please browse through to see creations and few of my favorite sarees from my wardrobe!

Wore this saree for a birthday party! This is the oldest one I have! Bought it for my Engagement Party in 2005.
Saree: Material pure silk, zardosi work, hand sewn
From West Bengal, Price Rs. 4500
Jewellery: Indian gold jewellery
Water marble nail art: Using Zoya nail polishes

Wore this one for a baby-shower! The Saree is a pure-silk again with hand-stitched work all over! My MIL bought it for me for 2010 Durga pooja. From West Bengal, Price Rs. 4500. Jewelry: Costume pearl Jewelry!

This is a Samudrika Pattu! The most expensive one I have! It is from Pothys, Chennai. Hand-made pure silk $596. I bought it online, for my daughter Auripra’s 1st birthday in 2012

This one is a kanchipuram silk. Another oldest one I have. My MIL gifted me for my engagement party, in 2005. Price Rs 3000

This is the newest one of all. Last year, I bought it when I was visiting India (Jan, 2013). It is a Black Jamdani from West Bengal. Can you imagine its price? Only Rs 2500. Isn’t it a steal?  I love this saree!

Last but not the least, one of my favorite sarees from the closet considering how affordable it is; yet very gorgeous! Can you believe it is Rs. 500 only? This is a Jute Kota from Bengal Hand-loom. Bought last year when I was in India.

Hope you liked my birthday tribute to “So-Saree”. For tutorial of these nail-arts, you are more than welcome to visit The Doc N Diva anytime you want.

Keep visiting So-Saree, because we are on the last week of So-Saree's month long Blogathon. :)


  1. lovely post!! beautiful sarees and moreover amazing nail art :)

  2. Nice post. You look beautiful Loved all the sarees. I have a special space for Samudrika pattus. I have a few they are so light and different than usual pattus

  3. You look gorgeous.Nice post.Loved your saree.

  4. Oeendree looks beautiful in each saree.... n the effort she makes in doing all the beautiful nail art,that too matching-matching is priceless..!!

  5. i am simply in love with your manis... nd all your saris.. i love silk :)

  6. beautiful sarees and colors :)

  7. Awwww! Thank you so much everyone and Aditi you are the sweetest! It's all my pleasure to be a part of your blogathon!

    <3 from: www.thedocndiva.com

  8. Even We have a Saree Store in Mumbai where you can really find sarees at reasonable prices, you can even visit us on www.bahusarees.in

  9. This is great one to see your blog last time I see same design to my friend Engagement party in chennai. Majorly used Aluminium scaffolding equipment used for light setting up to all trees edges. Really very gud looking.



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