Thursday 6 February 2014

What Nail Art Taught Me..

1: The battle for achievement of success is half won when one knows definitely what is wanted. -Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success
First decide on what look you would like for your nails today? Half battle won.

2: One of the most valuable things any person can learn is the art of using the knowledge and experience of others.
-Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success

Google, read magazines browse thru blogs [read So-Saree ;)] for nail art inspiration.

3: Patience, and Perseverance are the two essentials to success.

If not anything else try nail art to get a P.H.D. in Patience and Perseverance. :)

4: This moment, here and now, is the time to taste life.

Go arty with nails...NOW..!!!

After the Nikhil Thampi Nails, yellow, black and white seems to be a combination I have been loving too much. These nail art is inspired from a nail art tutorial I saw on Youtube, but I am too jet lagged to search a link of it now. So please bear with me.
The nail colors used are again by VOV and the black stripes were done using nail art sketch pens. Hope you like them.

Thank you for reading and keep in touch coz So-Saree is blogging non-stop for a whole month.


  1. Nice post and nail art Aditi. Totally agree with what nail art teaches ;) I am really liking your square nails

  2. Looks a little like animal print :) Like it!

  3. This is really gorgeous! Aditi, I have been unable to keep up with your posts as I have had no time to blog or visit blogs! But am enjoying myself immensely, going through each post! :)

  4. Very pretty & I so agree on the patience point!

  5. i love the black white and yellow combo a lot as well

  6. So true! Beautifully composed as always!

  7. oh so pretty.... beautiful combination... :)

  8. hey i have tried a similar one....



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