Sunday, 16 February 2014

So-Saree Anniversary Guest Post_Pineapple-ish

Today is the last day of our So-Saree's Blogathon...Yippeeeee..!
I Did It !!!!
And for today's post I have a guest blogger whose style statement is so ornate and artistic that I am in awe every single time.
Shreeja of Pineapple-ish (gosh..don't you just love the name of her blog?) is a fashion blogger with an eye for detail. She's experimental, she's artistic, she's stylish and she's my friend. :)

Haven't I told you before???..I am just so lucky with Friends. 
Make way for Pineapple-ish!

I haven't done a post on my blog since... I don't even remember... and I have been planning to start again since.... I don't even remember... all the deadlines I gave myself have long gone.... So when Aditi asked me to do a guest post I instantly said yes - 
1) A push that I really needed
2) It had to be in a Saree!!

Not sure how effective this push is but I surely loved playing around in this gorgeous Sari!
This is one of my favorite saris... well all my saris are actually very dear to me - I love Saris and I'm very picky about them... I have a very specific type when it comes to Saris or even in general - raw textures, hand-loom, earthy & warm color palette with a dash of dull gold always attracts me - it has to be dull gold!
So this shoot here is pretty much a mood-board of the textures, colors and the overall feel that I personally adore.

This off-white Kota was actually a plain border-less sari with self paan motif (btw lots of off-white and lots of Kota among my saris) which I think still looked divine! But ohhh the pressure of adding bling to any Indian outfit specially if you are attending a wedding - I was forced to put a border to the pristine beauty - too much drama actually happened back then :P

My search for a semi traditional border was over when I found this red, black and gold lace ( have a thing for traditional saris too) and also this combo was just introduced by Sabyasachi which then went on to become a rage later - so I was too excited to have found it . I still love this combination - off-white, red and black with a dash of gold - it's a classic!!
An outdoor green bright shoot wouldn't have done justice to the look - so there was a location right in my living room - earthy with textures, warm colors of the painting  and a warm evening light through the off-white blinds - just perfect! These images are actually without any filters applied.
I hope I keep blogging - Thank you Aditi for asking me to post on So-Saree. Great job on your blog - keep blogging! :)


 Keep visiting So-Saree, because lets just admit love it too much! ;)


  1. Shreeja you look great. loved the saree. It is so elegant, the white black red combo rocks. Hope you get back to blogging soon :)

  2. Love the saree... it is so elegant!!
    And kudos to you Aditi for such a lovely chain of posts by all the bloggers...
    Let's talk about everything

  3. Great Post! She looks lovely! I love the saree. & Aditi, I am sorry I am not able to comment as much as I would like to, on your blog. My baby girl makes it impossible for me to do much nowadays! I just want you to know, that I love all the posts as part of the blog's anniversary.

    I look forward to hearing more from you about your LA trip.

    Hope you are having a great trip.

    ~ Seepz

    1. Thanks Seepz..i totally understand. Its ok..absolutely.

  4. Oh! Shreeja's carrying off the saree beautifully! I'm connected to her on Instagram...but there I almost always see her in western clothes. So seeing her in all this ethnic finery is a pleasant surprise indeed! :)

  5. Oh! Shreeja's carrying off the saree beautifully! I'm connected to her on Instagram...but there I almost always see her in western clothes. So seeing her in all this ethnic finery is a pleasant surprise indeed! :)

  6. that saree and that hair..and even the decor..<3

  7. OMG Aditi I hadn't seen all this lovely comments :) :) Thank you so much Aditi for all of this!

  8. These is simply good i loved it..

  9. The saree is beautiful! loved the pairing of a sleeveless blouse with a traditional weave!

  10. Hi Aditi,

    This saree looks just so stylish. The colour is so summary & the jumkis enhances the beauty of the saree.

    I also found a very nice collection of Pothys Designer Boutique Sarees - . Do have a look.


  11. Lovely and elegant!

  12. Omg!! Its wounderful. I like your designer sarees. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. I completely love earthy colors too! There is that touch of elegance and class to this particular color combo. Me being a shopohalic started looking for something similar after looking into ur blog and came across two pieces, one kurti and one saree. And I am totally buying both!! Check these links out

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