Friday 13 January 2017

So-Saree Highlights 2016

Happy New Year Everyone...!
May the most you desire, be the least you receive this year!

Today's post is an annual ritual now and every new year begins with a recap of the year gone by. So here we go. Starting from....

January 2016:
The month of January was all about Outfit posts.
Also, we celebrated my Blog's Third Anniversary by sharing 3 things that my Blog taught me. My favourite post was the one where I flaunted a saree by Sareez on the beaches of Tarkarli.

February 2016:

This month I attended two events for my two favourite home decor brands: Asian Paints and Baaya, apart from blogging about my US Trip, a nail art post and of course another saree outfit post on the Kunkeshwar Beach in Sindhudurg.

March 2016:

The month of March was a mix of everything.
Outfit post, beauty post, travel post, restaurant review and a personal styling project for my friend Jaya.

April 2016:

This month started with my travel post to Goa, and it still remains one of my fav posts from 2016. I reviewed the services of Aristo Spa and Niche Cafe and they both were so good that I still visit them whenever I can. My favourite post... when I wrote about why Saree is perfect for resort wear.

May 2016:

This month I introduced my sister along with a new section on the blog called So-Mommy.
This post was hugely popular and I am so proud of my sister. Apart from that I also reviewed a restaurant, a spa and a book.

June 2016:
This month majorly saw travel posts from USA and an outfit post.

July 2016:

My favourite post for this month was about my beach holiday to Tarkarli. I think it is one of the most under rated beach destinations in Maharashtra and a must visit for everyone.

August 2016:

Since I was traveling too much during this month I managed just 2 posts and both were outfit posts.

September 2016:

This month I wrote a recipe post after ages and did a bunch of outfit posts.
But my favourite one was when I blogged about the Benarasi Shalu. I think this has to be my best post till date.

October 2016:

This month was all about collaborations. I had the opportunity to work with six awesome brands and I had too much fun blogging about them.My most popular outfit post for Sareez.

November 2016:

The month of November was also very dynamic as regards to the mix of the posts.

I finally wrote about Gharchola and this post was received too well by my readers.

December 2016:

The month of December was the busiest month on the blog with a total of 10 post going live.
My fav post was an outfit post sponsored by Brijraj Fashion, a tribute to the saree clad Iron Lady of India and off-beat rides to take in the USA.
We ended the year with a special new year message from Sonali Bendre in Marathi, and we couldn't have asked for a better finish.

Until, then keep smiling.


  1. Hi Aditi, wish you a Happy New Year too! Nice to see a recap of your blog - you did so much and were so active! And you always look so elegant in a sari. The one on Tarkarli beach is among my faves as is that picture from the December post.
    Have a lovely year ahead!

    Richa (



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