Wednesday 25 March 2015

ASUS ZenFone5 - The Final Verdict

Hey all! I am sure you already know that I had the opportunity to review the ASUS ZenFone5 for a week. Read about my experience here and here.
This is the last part of my 3 parts review of the ZenFone5.

I decided to take the ASUS ZenFone5 to work. :)

The office building that I work in, has weak signal reception and I usually have to walk out of the office to have a smooth conversation on my cell phone. Normally when I get into my office, I start the air conditioner and my laptop simultaneously; and before I get on to reading my work emails, I first check my blog.
That day, while I was busy reviewing my blog, my phone rang and it was my mom checking on me. I spoke to her for a good 15 minutes while reviewing my blog.                   

Minutes after I hung up, a revelation hit me. I have never attended my mom's call at work from my cabin. It is always outside in the corridors of my office building.
With the ASUS ZenFone5 I could take calls easily from the comforts of my cabin.
No disturbance, no weak signals.
The ZenFone5's advanced antenna design ensures clear and excellent signal reception all the time.

So-Saree's website was designed by my husband keeping in mind my love for pictures
My main requirement for the website was loads of pictures.
Little did I realise that this requirement would make my website heavy. taking longer time to load completely.
Especially on the phone, it takes really long for all the banners to load properly.
Hence, Iusually access my blog from my laptop and hardly from my phone.


Since I Wanted to test the Fone, I entered my blog URL, and BAM...there it was. My blog opened up in less than 5 seconds with all the banners and pictures.

And last but not the least; in fact the most important feature that I need in my phone is the camera.
I really fret over taking good pics of my nail-art.
The lighting is never perfect and most of the times my pictures come blurry.
As a result I have to pester my husband to help me while taking pictures   .                  
With the ZenFone taking pictures was much easy.
It has a 8MP rear camera which is infused with ASUS's unique Pixelmaster technology. This feature ensures superb pictures even in low light. As a result...say bye-bye to blurry pictures and hello to picture perfect, bright photos with every click.
My Final Verdict: The ASUS Zenpfone 5 is a smart option if you are considering to buy a smart phone under 10K.
It is sleek, has really smart features and you will love to flaunt it wherever you go.
As far as I am concerned, I am really missing
#MyAsusZenFone. :(


  1. the phone sounds promising
    Keep in touch

  2. lovely post!! I am missing it too :(



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