Friday 13 March 2015

#SlowDownZindagi with Parachute

Let's rewind 20 years back...okay may be most of our readers were not even born, but then I was.
So you get the point, right?

So ages ago, when I was a little girl, I never knew or had heard of stress.
Mom and Dad came home by 5pm from work and we spent so much quality time playing games, telling stories and eating dinner together. On weekends, my mom would heat some Parachute coconut hair oil in a pan and give a hot oil head massage to all.
She said, it would drive away the fatigue of the past week and get us ready for the week to come.
How awesome were those days...!

And now, lets get back to reality.

Husband and I, together run an IT firm.
Though we spend almost 10 hours together at work we hardly talk stuff other than work. Weekends, I am busy with the household responsibilities; cleaning, grocery shopping, blogging and other stuff, while husband brings the office home during weekends.
All the work and no 'Me-Time' gets me stressed and makes me really paranoid.
And this is how I #SlowDownZindagi every now and then.Beach Vacations:
At Havelock Islands, Andaman
Husband and me are both crazy about water and that is why most of the vacations that we take are on the beaches.
Whether its the Havelock Islands, Goa, Maldives or California. All our vacations involve only two things; beaches and doing nothing at all.
This is the way we choose to de-stress after working insanely day and night.


Surya Namaskar
Exercise release endorphins in our body which are feel good hormones and help us to de-stress immensely.
My way of de-stressing is by doing yoga. Pranayam and Surya Namaskar in really slow motion.
After an hour's session of Yoga I am back with a bang to face the world.

Girly Gossip with my Gal Pals:

On a green trail with my gal pals

Research has proved that a non stop gossip session with your girl friends can do

the work of multiple anti-depressants collectively. I feel fortunate that I have my gang of girls on my side whenever I need to gossip, bitch, hog or simply have fun. My mantra no.3 for de-stressing.

Nail Art:

People always ask me how I find time to do nail-art with my busy schedule. The answer to that is Nail-Art ,de-stresses me. It is my meditation. It helps me focus, relax and feel beautiful all at the same time. And that is why no matter, how tired or busy I am, I find time to do nail art every week.


Yay to shopping..!

If money cant buy you happiness, you are shopping at the wrong places. How true is that! Retail therapy can have the most exhilarating effect on you. And that is exactly why my husband tries to keep me away from stress. smart is he!

But now, I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda 

My mom's way of de-stressing combined with Parachute's Advanced Aromatherapy Oil.
Stay tuned for a review of the same.

How do you choose to de-stress? Let us know in the comments below. The best answer wins a voucher from our sponsor.


  1. I completely agree with you! In these times of workaholism hitting the roof and our life being all about working and earning money, some stress-free me-time is a necessity!
    I also de-stress by going on vacations and shopping, of course! And nail art is also a good idea....must do it more often! Thanks for inspiring me!! :)

  2. These are fabulous tips. I usually de-stress by taking a long shower and then curling up in bed with watching a comedy. This is a sure shot way to help me relax and #SlowDownZindagi.

  3. hahah Aditi, these tips are all such expensive options. I'd get stress to de-stress.
    My de-stress mantra is ...
    Take The Stairs
    Click Away
    Watch A Tear-Jerker
    Head To The Spa
    Read my post here...

    1. LOL Heena..these are not expensive at all. Beach vacations can be at Madh Island, Goa, Malvan or even GanpatiPule which are not too expensive. Yoga is free, common I don't have to explain that. Gossip with frens, can be done on the phone or even at a street stall. Nail art, I do I at home, for free. And shopping, everyone does. I just like to do it when I am stressed.

    2. I'm replacing my life with yours.... You make it sound so cool!

    3. lol..yeah why not. If that was even possible..i wud give anything to be in ur shoes. :)

  4. Vacations and shopping relieve the stress for me ;-) .. as you already know :-D
    Lovely post.

  5. Aditi, I loved your tips and those nail arts are so awesome. Gal, you are highly Talented.

    Reg my de-stress routine, the top on my mind is to spend time with family and friends, among other things.
    I have also written about 5 more tips at
    Do check them out :)


  6. Nice Tips Aditi! And a hi5 on the beach Vacation!! :D Like I had mentioned earlier, my way of de-stressing is travel! Cracking waves, whizzing winds, chiming bells, footsteps of history, blanket of nature; I am a travel junkie and nothing helps me de stress. slow down zindagi and energize me like travel :D In addition to it - Music is a anytime anywhere stress buster and then of course sports and sleep! Old or new United or Federer match - Ah the world can, it is sports time :D :D :D and nothing is as refreshing as a small nap right :)

  7. I so wish to do this in my life. Slow down a bit n enjoy the moments. <3

  8. Nice post Aditi. I liked your de-stress mantra and we have few things in common for relieving the stress - nail art, beach love, gal gossip and of course shopping :)
    Probably I need to add some healthy bits to it like yoga or jogging

  9. When stress enters in your life then your mind always first left you alone and a powerful negative thought's ring make a circle around you. We will rush to those things which gives us peace or keep in calm. My colourful threads always give me peace of mind and directed me towards positive thing and creates a peaceful ring around me. Yes, I am talking about embroidery I love to do this as my hobby, my passion and destressing activity.

    Through this activity my mind and heart both cools down. And stress flew away.

  10. Hi Aditi, my mantra: get closer to Nature - without even travelling actually. Gardening, music (playing the classical instruments), fashion & jewelry designing (hues, colors, fabrics, textures, silhouettes), long walks at my pace, time with elders reminiscing the days past, pampering my body with home grown solutions, oil massage for the hair, cucumber for the eyes & besan packs for the face .. that not only is my #SlowDownZindagi mantra but also a speed up good health mantra :) Cheers.

  11. I totally agree with you. Stress and then to de-stress has become part and parcel of our lives. It is completely up to us how to low the stress levels or de-stress and let the stress vanish. I completely agreed when you said surya namaskar as one of the ways to de-stress ourselves. I do it at-least twice in a week and those two days start with wonderful energy levels.

    Every Sunday, I have a nice, warm oil hair/body massage followed by shower with home-made bath powder. I generally use sesame oil but our mustard/refined oil would work too. But for hair, it is always our trusted Parachute coconut Oil. No compromise on that. Massage itself relaxes me to 80% and that bath is just like showering under a waterfall. It completely rejuvenates me and I am already floating in the clouds.

    Being a woman, how can I not mention that having those long facials also help in gaining an upper hand over stress factor of my life. And I feel like I have conquered that "stress" alien. Most importantly, I did find a very good beautician too who has magic in her hands. Those soft and smooth strokes works like a charm on my face. Love it.

    And did I mention about sleeping for hours together?? ;) simple yet effective de-stress solution. lol



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