Sunday 8 March 2015

PPD - Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression or PPD is an issue that affects 1 woman out of 7 and still is something that is unheard by many.

Many of my close friends and family as well, have gone through this depression and by creating awareness of this disease is the only way we can fight it.
After all, known devil is always better than the unknown one.

PPD normally affects women post delivery and can affect anyone.
Anxiety, sudden change in routine and sleep deprivation, which are all part and parcel of being new mommies can trigger PPD. The degree of depression may differ, but the effects are almost similar.
It is very essential that new mothers get all the support from their families and spouses during this phase.

In an attempt to raise awareness about this phenomenon I asked two of my friends, both fashion bloggers to share their personal stories about their fight with PPD.
Hear them speak in the following posts.

Last but not the least,
Happy Women's Day to all you beautiful girls out there.

I believe Women' Day is not just about celebrating being a women. It is about recognizing you limitations and being well equipped to face all hurdles in life.

PPD can be one such obstacle that can prevent you from living life fully.

I wanted to end this post with this video of The Tara Sharma Show.
While the entire episode is really interesting, I would specifically ask you to watch it from 17:26  .
In this part, Mandira Bedi shares her PPD story with the viewers.



  1. I can relate to it very well. very nice post :)

  2. Sounds scary.........hope I don't have to experience it!

    P.S.: The pictures from my wedding photographer are on their expect the post soon! :)

  3. Luckily I was normal. But this is a great video. I watched the whole of it :)



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