Thursday 19 March 2015 - A Saree Lovers Paradise

Hey people, I hope you all are doing fine. And the fact that you are reading So-Saree right now, will definitely ensure that.
If you are a So-Saree follower or if you know me personally, you will be well aware of my taste in sarees.
I have seen that most girls my age, prefer sarees in synthetic fabrics and funky prints.
Though I wear synthetic fabrics and once in a while sport funky prints too, I feel the most beautiful sarees are the ones that our mom's generation wore.
Traditional drapes, natural fabrics and contemporary designs.
India is a culturally rich country. As you move from the South to the North of India, you will see that each state has a different history, different culture and different charm.
As a result, each state has their specialty sarees as well, and it is these sarees that I fancy the most.
Whether it is the Bandhani sarees of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Paithani of Maharashtra, the Kanjeevaram of Tamil Nadu or Tant of Kolkata.
Though I would love to visit each and every state and pick these sarees from their place of origin, it might not always be possible.
But thank God to E-commerce, you do not travel so much to buy the specialties of different places.
I stumbled upon a site ..Cbazaar and little did I know that I would be in for a treat for the next one hour.
Cbazaar has one of the finest collection of sarees I have seen lately on any online portal.
Ikkat, Brasso, Bandhani, Chanderi, Benarasi, Kancheepuram...the list is endless.
So without much ado, I am going to list down my favourite sarees.
Let me know, which one you like.

Ikkat Handloom Coimbatore Cotton Saree


Pure Silk Kantha Saree


Taupe Silk Bengal Handloom Saree

Pochampally Cotton Saree


Benarasi Silk Saree

Chanderi Cotton Handloom Saree


  1. They do seem to have a nice collection! Must check them out!!

    P.S.: I prefer wearing traditional drapes too! And styling them in unique ways!! :)

    1. Yeah Anu..i know that. Thats y i love all ur sarees.

  2. the sarees are so pretty, i wish i knew how to carry it off
    Keep in touch

    1. I am sure u will carry them off with equal elegance, just try them.

  3. I love ur collection n taste in sarees :)

    Wow Love the outfit n u look stunning !



  4. I love the Ikkat print saree. :)
    I sent you an email, did you receive it?

  5. I love wearing sarees too but with my office timings and a kid its gets tough. I agree with you that old is gold. I checked out Cbazaar and they have good collection

  6. the saree are very pretty :)




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