Tuesday 3 March 2015

Malhar Machi - Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai

I love Mumbai..I really do.
I feel Mumbai is the best thing that has happened to me.
Being born and brought up in this vibrant city, I have seen the highs and lows that Mumbai has gone through. Inspite of all the scars and tragedies, Mumbai seems to welcome everyone with an open heart.
As much as I love this city, I cannot deny the fact that it has reached a saturation point. It has become too crowded and cramped up, and so whenever Mumbaikars want to go for a short getaway, there are hardly any places they can shortlist.

During such times what comes to our rescue is nearby places like Pune, Lonavala, Nashik, etc. to name a few.
Pune is one of my favourite destinations for a weekend getaway. The reason being its close proximity to Mumbai, beautiful climate and also because it is very easy to find luxury hotels in Pune.

My latest find in Pune is Malhar Machi.
Malhar Machi is a quaint, beautiful resort that is counted amongst the upscale hotels in Pune. It has managed to charm its visitors in a very short span of time. And I am so glad I could finally make it here a few months ago.
Malhar is the name of a village and Machi means peak. Malhar Machi gets its name because it is located at the peak of a village called Malhar.

The place is a few hours drive from Mumbai and hence is the ideal location for Mumbaikars to explore during weekends. 
From the moment I stepped on his property I was bowled over. The reception area, the pool, our suite and the location. Everything was just perfect.We were offered a blueberry shake at the reception, which was quite refreshing.

Centre Table at the reception area

The first look of the reception area built up my anticipation, because this place was nothing less than a piece of art. The rustic and vintage look of the reception area was tastefully done, and I was clicking pictures non-stop here, much to the disapproval of my husband.
When we were done with the formalities, we were guided to our Suite. We had chosen the
Bouganvilla Suite because we were traveling with our family.
The Balcony

Our suite had a wooden balcony which had some of the most amazing views ever.
Since it is located at a high altitude it is very cold here most of the times. And when it pours, its pours like crazy.
So make sure you carry sweaters, shawls and raincoats with you.
And the food...what should I say...Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya.
Everything is so tasty and you are literally spoilt for choice here.
I could really go on and on about this place, but I will now allow the pictures to do the talking.

Guest Bedroom

All in all, Malhar Machi is a place you just can't miss and I highly recommend visiting this place.
Even though it is not counted amongst the 5 star hotels in Pune, it does offer you 5 star hospitality and customer service.


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