Monday 2 March 2015

Picking the Perfect Party Dress

We Like to Party..!
And there's no denying it.

But the imperial question that seems to bother women of our generation is:
What do you wear?

Globalisation and Internet has brought the world closer. It has exposed our generation to an enormous amount of data and information that was not accessible 15 years ago.

The more you have, the more are your chances of being confused and flustered.
And that is exactly what happens with us every time, we get an invite to attend parties.
Inspite of our overflowing wardrobes, we always have nothing to wear.

While you can wear pants and suits to parties, nothing beats the feminine charm of party dresses.
Lets examine how we can build the perfect party wardrobe.
Little Black Dress: This is a no brainer. A little black dress is a must item in every girls' wardrobe.
Also, a LBD is the most versatile outfit you can own.
You can recycle it and wear it in innumerable ways. As a dress or as a long top on leggings/stockings.
Throw in a jacket and make the look more formal or throw in a stole/scarf and give it a more relaxed look. The options are just too many.

Neons: These dresses are for the ones who want more attention with less efforts.
Neon dresses have that OOPMH factor which uplifts your mood instantly.
With or without accessories, neon dresses always work best for parties.

Jewel tones: I am the kind of person who is always spotted in monochromes. Yet, I beg to differ when choosing the colour palette for party dresses.
Jewel tones are something that never go out of fashion and they go with every skin tone.

Party Gowns or Long Dresses:  Every time I have to go to a party, I freak out .Why? Because most of the times I have not waxed my legs. At times like these, I always sigh and think of buying party gowns. Party gowns are just perfect for the Indian party scene. Feminine, flowy, conservative and stylish. And for lazy people like me, it saves you the efforts of waxing. Perfect I say.

So.. which is your go-to-party look?
Let me know, in the comments below.


  1. Gorgeous dresses! I am fond of all these styles!

  2. I love love the long oxblood one you have posted but in general I would pick a jewel toned dress if I had to pick.

  3. super cute party dresses
    keep in touch

  4. i love those dresses in neon... also flowery prints i adore :)



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