Wednesday 11 March 2015

Viira Cabs - For the Women By the Women

A lot has happened and is still happening in our country that has raised a lot of eyebrows regarding the safety of women in India.
Whether it was the Nirbhaya case that happened in a running bus or the Uber Taxi rape case; each of these incidents sent a chill down our spine.
The case of a German professor refusing internship to a male Indian student on the grounds of multiple rape cases happening in India is a big blow to the image of our country.
This shows how our country is being perceived in the international scene and this makes me very sorry.

Any step or initiative; no matter how small it may be, towards ensuring safety of our women will be much helpful and will definitely go a long way.
One such noteworthy initiative is the Viira Cabs.

There are a number of AC Cab services in Mumbai, but where Viira Cabs stands out is that it is a Taxi Service for the Women and by the Women.
It is a Ladies Taxi Service with highly trained women chauffer's and since all their cabs run on CNG, it is a green fleet.
Their entire fleet of vehicles are Maruti Eeco, which can easily accommodate four adults and luggage in a ride; making it one of the spacious taxi services in Mumbai. 
Though I have never personally tried this premium cab service in Mumbai, a few of my friends have; and they are all praises for the service and the venture.
The USP of this cab service is that every ride is monitored on a GPS system with panic alerts. Their lady drivers/chauffeurs are trained extensively in self defense & defensive driving and can handle road side emergencies supported by 24/7 back office.

If these are not reasons enough for you to try their services, then hear this.
This initiative provides employment opportunities for women from weak economic backgrounds and maintains the same tariff rates that its competitors charge.

So.. what are you waiting for ?
Book a Viira Cab right now and contribute to a change.



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