Wednesday 18 March 2015

Building the Perfect Footwear Wardrobe

I am sure every girl will agree with this quote.
As easy as it may sound, in today's times building a quality footwear wardrobe, can take a lot of imagination, time, efforts and of course money.

So, today I decided to put together a post that will help you to build a functional and fashionable footwear collection that you can flaunt for any occasion.

High Heels:

High Heel Sandals can be a pain in the a#@, and I am not even considering stilettos here; but if there's any footwear that transforms you in a celebrity in minutes, it has to be the pointy high heels. I prefer to stock on black heels because they are versatile and go with every outfit. But I am seriously crushing on the floral print and bright colored heels which are sure to enrich my footwear wardrobe.


 These are my favorites kind of heels. Flat bottoms yet elevated. Isn't that a match made in heaven? They are much easier on your heels compared to the high heel sandals.

Formal Footwear: 

If you are a working women, it is always advisable to stock on some formal footwear too. Though women have an advantage to label their high heels as formal wear, nothing else screams business, as leather boots do.


I love ballerinas because they provide ease while walking apart from looking cute and stylish. They are not a favorite with short girls, but they are the ultimate friends to girls who love comfort over fashion.


The Indian versions of ballerinas are the jootis. Comfortable ballerinas with a contemporary twist is how I define Jootis. And you thought you could wear jootis on traditional outfits only? Think again and see this post. Pair your favorite jootis with your denim dresses or shorts and give your outfit an Indo-western look.

Canvas Shoes:

 Remember the white canvas shoes that you wore to school for your Mass Drill? Only if you knew, what a comeback they would make in the fashion world years later, you would have taken more care of them and maintained them well. Canvas shoes were always very comfortable and when the fashion gurus approved them as an essential fashion accessory, there was n looking back for these fabric and lace shoes.

Flip Flops:

If I had an option I would live in flip-flops. Flip flops while walking, flip flops while driving, flip flops while gymming and flip flops while sleeping. And for a beach bum like me, the more flip-flops I have, the better.


Though boots are not really functional for Mumbai weather, they add an instant understated glamour to any of your outfit apart from protecting you from the cold. Boots are my favorite airport footwear, because they look chic and keep my legs warm in the long chilly flights.

I would recommend a pair of high boots and a pair of ankle length boots each.

Let me end this post with a very practical quote..
Rome was not built in a day.

And likewise, with this post I do not intend to say that you have to get out of your house and shop for all these types of footwear at a time. My point is to pick up every kind of these footwear at a time and preserve them well, so that a few months/years down the line, you own a functional and stylish footwear wardrobe.


  1. Nice collection of footwear :)

  2. u have quite a collection huuh
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  3. Omg! Loved ur have some great shoes in your wardrobe!

  4. Love your collection of flip flops .. the yellow ones are so cute :-) And I know how much pain the first pair of heels have given you ;-)

  5. Wow Aditi nice collection :)

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