Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My HandBags Wishlist

Purses are like Friends..You can never have too many.

I bet, you woudn't find a single girl who wouldn't agree with this quote.

I am a big time HandBags hoarder, and I just can't have enough of them.

My husband is often amused with the kind of handbag shopping I indulge in.
So no matter how many bags I have or buy, I can always go handbag shopping any time of the day.

So, today's post is an ode to my never ending thirst for Elite handbags.
Here's my handbag wishlist...am sure this will come in handy if someone is looking to send me a gift. ;)
Nautical Stripes:                                   

I want to own a nautical stripes bag for the longest time, and I really don't know what's stopping me.

Nautical stripes handbag instantly offers your outfit a cool quotient. It can be paired with with your hot shorts as well as kurtis effortlessly.

Grafical prints:                               

Add that instant oomph to your LBD or LBS(Long black Saree...Duh..!) with a clutch or handbag having colourful graphical prints.

Blingy Clutches:

Whether you want to attend a cocktail party or an Indian wedding, clutches never disappoint you. They are compact and stylish, and if picked wisely can uplift any outfit.
Lately I have been crushing on these blingy animal clutches. What do you think?


Backpacks are my favourite pick for holidays, because they not only look stylish, but are very functional especially when you are traveling.
They keep your hands free and you are free to do any other activity that you may wish.
Right now, I own just one, but I am totally crushing on this Manish Arora backpack for the longest time.

Transparent Bags:
I owned one in college, and at that time these bags were not even in vogue.
When I flipped through an old picture of mine with the transparent bag, I added one more bag to my wishlist..The Transparent Bag.
These two beauties just stole my heart. How about you?

So this is my handbag wishlist
Let me know in the comments below about yours

P.S. I do not own images used in this post.


  1. I LOVE all of the above styles!! In fact I have been eyeing some backpacks recently ccoz I plan to buy one for the honeymoon! ^_^

  2. i need those strip handbags in my life

  3. I am crazy for the Judith leiber ones!

  4. Lovely handbags

    Love Vikee

  5. I am a handbag nut as well :)
    Love the nautical stripes and the blingy cltuches!


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  8. I need to purchase myself a celebratory handbag in light of my promotion and raise at work.

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  10. This is my handbag wishlist too, the stripes bag is the best among everything like the ones at https://www.luxtime.su/wallet/louis-vuitton-wallet site. These transparent bags are awesome too, I look forward to read more on this.


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